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Cultivating beauty through creativity!

Satisfied customers.

"Karine was totally attentive to the essence of our request, with an extremely professional approach, with exemplary attention to detail, impeccable speed of execution and an ability to adapt to our comments that was really appreciated! Hats off for a job well done! "

- Charles Perroud,Ukiyo méditation

Karine did a remarkable job and exceeded our expectations for the creation of our company logo. Today we are proud of the image of our company.“


- Jonathan Prieur,Toiture MJ inc.


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projects. photographeraphey

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Hello, I am Karine Boucher, passionate about creativity in all its forms. 
I offer quality support in the realization of your projects.

My motivation: create original and inspiring designs while respecting deadlines, objectives and established needs.
My priority: establish good communication leaving room for the exchange of ideas, so that a project emerges that meets your expectations, since interest of my clients are at the heart of my concerns.

Bachelor in Visual Arts and Graphic Design, I have accumulated 25 years of experience in graphic design in several fields such as events, the web, education, advertising and museums. As lead designer of hop design la vie, I'm trying to cultivate beauty through creativity, in order to awaken the senses and open up new perspectives. Raising awareness and educating on various social issues by making content accessible and engaging is one of my strengths. Gather shapes and colours, with the aim to create an original universe while remaining clear, one goal. Furthermore, finding simple, ecological and sustainable solutions is essential.

My sources of inspiration: you!

What touches you, what makes you vibrate and what makes your company unique. Whether by accompanying you in the process of creating a complete brand image or a new visual identity, my services will remain as attentive, honest and meticulous. 

To view my most recent projects, it's here!

Consult my curriculum vitae Portfolio PDF version

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Karine Boucher

Montreal (Qc) Canada

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Thank you for your trust !

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