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projectgraphic design

Défi Sollio and Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie 

customer. Sollio Cooperative Group

project.  Conception and design of various promotional elements such as coat, bib and cycling sweater, sweater for the race and for volunteers, flags, bibs, posters, signage, stage banner, etc.For several years, the promotion of healthy lifestyles among employees and agricultural producers has been an integral part of the corporate culture of Sollio and its network. It is therefore within the framework of the annual Défi Sollio event as well as the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie event that I was called upon to do the management, conception and design in order to promote and support these two events. You will be able to see many of the graphic elements designed for the Sollio Challenge by watching the video of the event below.

Watch the Sollio Challenge video

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